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New Homes In Chandler AZ – What You Must Know!

Are you looking for a new home in Chandler AZ?  Buying a new home is an exciting, you are able to design the home yourself.  Choose all the lovely finishes for your new home, the flooring, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen counters, etc.  You get to make it all your own and it’s brand new, so the maintenance is very little for the first 5-10 years of your home ownership.

What You Must Know about Buying a New Home in Chandler AZ

  1. The Model is beautiful – You yell at your spouse “honey stop the car!”  The new homes in Chandler AZ are beautiful!  Remember, your new home will likely not have all the super high end finishes of the model home.  In some cases, the model home has finishes the builder doesn’t even offer!New Homes in Chandler AZ
  2. The Home Sales Center – You walk in to the sales center and you are required to sign in to walk through the models.  There is a small sign that says “you must have your Realtor present on your first visit”. New Homes in Chandler AZ
  3. Who is Representing You? – By signing in and looking at the models without a Realtor representing you present, you have signed up to not be represented, if you choose to purchase one of these beautiful homes.  This means that the sales representative that works for the builder is now helping you purchase your new home.  Remember, they don’t have your best interest at heart, but rather, the builder they work for.New homes Chandler AZ
  4. You need a checklist – Your Realtor will make sure you are represented and your Realtor should make sure all the questions are asked to make sure you get what you want. New homes Chandler AZ
  5. Upgrades in the home– Your Realtor will know which upgrades are included Remember how you wanted granite counter tops?  Well, some builders offer upgrades in their price and some builders will charge extra.  Those extras add up.
  6. Questions To Ask 
    • what comes with the home? (your agent likely knows this or will ask)
    • what do upgrades cost?
    • what are the HOA costs?
    • how long will it take to build the home?
    • How much money do you require as earnest money?
  7. Make Sure Someone is Looking Out for You!  – Your Realtor will help you buy your new home in Chandler AZ and will make sure you get what you want without spending too much!


List of New Homes in Chandler AZ

New Homes in Chandler AZ


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