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Are you thinking of a move to the Phoenix, Arizona area, specifically a move to Scottsdale, AZ?

Move to Scottsdale, AZ

if you are thinking of moving to Phoenix, here are my Top 7 Things You Should Know About Phoenix, this will apply to the Scottsdale area too!

It’s June 17, 2014, I’m here in Scottsdale, AZ. My iphone says it’s 99 degrees outside and I’m excited that it’s cool outside.

Move to Phoenix

While, I’m writing this article in the summer, the summer is the absolute worst time to live in the Phoenix area. However, in a quick 2 hour drive you can be to a bit cooler climate of Flagstaff, AZ or Mexico. It’s only 6 hours to San Diego, one of my all time favorite cities, mostly because it’s cool all the time and I went to college at USD. My point is there are tons of places to escape the heat (the best one is the closest pool). Check out my pool maintenance tips, if you are thinking about purchasing a home with a pool. Another great cool off place is a splashpad, there are tons of them all over Phoenix and if you are wondering “what’s a splashpad?”, here’s a photo.  A side note, I was just at the Scottsdale Quarter last night and a new restauant, Zin Burger opened a patio basically on the splashpad, so you could eat dinner and your kids could play in the splashpad!

Scottsdale Quarter Splashpad


On to my “Top 5” Reasons to Move to Scottsdale

  1. The weather (8 months of the year) – For eight months of the year, the average temperature is under 85 degrees and above 55 degrees. I am tempted to list the monthly average temperatures, I’m refraining for now.
  2. Shopping – I’m a Phoenix native, so I’ve seen the shopping in Phoenix increase to a crazy level, that now I don’t even want to deal with the mall. Scottsdale Fashion Square now has almost every store that is a staple in all my favorite California malls. We even have a Barney’s New York, if you are into that sort of thing. Now that I have twin daughters, my shoe collection has decreased, it’s very sad. Recently, the Phoenix Premium Outlets opened, just south of Chandler, AZ and I have to say they are great. You may see me at the J. Crew outlet from time to time, of course for the kid’s clothes. I didn’t mention the Scottsdale Quarter & Kierland Commons, which are top notch outdoor shopping & dining in Scottsdale.
  3. Sports – First, the great weather allows you to be outdoors playing sports almost all year. This includes great hiking. But, if you like the more professional version and the watching of sporting events. Phoenix has a MLB team, the Arizona Diamondbacks (the stadium is air conditioned and has good food), a NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, a professional hockey team, an NBA team, the Phoenix Suns and I’m sure I’m missing something. My personal favorite time of the year is Baseball Spring Training, in Scottsdale you can visit 2 stadiums, which are small, fun stadiums. Who doesn’t love a Spring Training fun filled day?
  4. THE FOOD – Scottsdale was just named the 2nd “Foodie” City in America by The restaurants in Phoenix are fabulous. New chef inspired restaurants are popping up everywhere. It started in Old Town Scottsdale, where I live and love! But, now Central Phoenix is home to a ton of the best restaurants in town. Many of these restaurants are owned and operated by native Phoenicians.
  5. Casual (enough)– The best part about frollicking around Phoenix or Scottsdale is the casual / resort wear everywhere. You can wear comfortable clothes with flip flops most of the year. Even in some of the best restaurants you can get away with the casual clothing and who doesn’t love being comfortable?

Do you have any other favorite reasons to live in Scottsdale? Comment and I’ll add them! 


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Charlie Allred is a Phoenix area real estate broker, designated broker for Secure Real Estate and an online marketing expert.  She works primarily in the east valley of Phoenix, which includes Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley Ahwatukee, Chandler & Gilbert.  She helps her home seller’s homes be found everywhere online.  She is also a Pinterest expert teaching other real agents how to gain more leads, followers & clients by using Pinterest.  She is the mother of twin daughters.  If you are thinking of moving to the Scottsdale area, contact Charlie today at  or 480-220-9979 to learn more about the Phoenix real estate market.

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