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Guide to Living in Scottsdale AZ

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Scottsdale Is A Suburb Of Phoenix.

Depending who you ask, Scottsdale could be a super great place or a bit on the pretentious side. It has been called the “Beverly Hills of Arizona”, so it’s a pretty nice place.   I LOVE living in Scottsdale, AZ, however I live in Central Scottsdale.  Here’s why I moved here 11 years ago: I was young and wanted to be at the center of “things”.  So what were these things: bars, restaurants, the place where all my friends wanted to be!  I bought a house built in 1959 and it was fabulous.  Eventually, I got married and we remodeled this house.  We stayed put in Central Scottsdale / Old Town Scottsdale because we love to eat out, shop and we have a great park nearby.  Also, much of Scottsdale is conveniently located near the Loop 101 freeway, I can get to my office in Chandler (another suburb) in 15 minutes, thanks to the Loop 1o1.

South Scottsdale Vs. North Scottsdale

South Scottsdale is the least expensive part of Scottsdale and as you move north, things get more expensive.  The oldest parts of Scottsdale are in South & Central Scottsdale, whereas most of north Scottsdale is fairly new construction and north Scottsdale looks like many other suburbs of Phoenix.  You have the big shopping centers with Costco, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, etc.  If you are wondering about the home differences in the different areas of Scottsdale, here’s the guide to homes(including price ranges) in South Scottsdale, Old Town Scottsdale & Central Scottsdale.


Old Town Scottsdale Is The Foodie Area Of Phoenix

Scottsdale was named the Foodie City by, this couldn’t be truer.  So many new chef inspired restaurants are opening, I haven’t visited all of them and I like eating out! Central Phoenix residents will tell you that Central Phoenix restaurants are better, and there are a ton popping up, but still not as many as in Scottsdale.  I have the Guide to Old Town Scottsdale, with the big attractions in each area of Old Town Scottsdale, there is also a trolley that will drive you around the area for free (it’s fun to ride).  Here’s my favorite 5 restaurants in Scottsdale.

Shopping Is The Best In Scottsdale

All the suburbs of Phoenix have the same shopping.  They all include the big box stores: Costco, Walmart, Target, etc.  Scottsdale, however, has Scottsdale Fashion Square (Old Town Scottsdale), which includes about every mall store you can imagine, including Barney’s of New York (even if you don’t shop here, it’s worth a walk through).  The Scottsdale Quarter & Kierland Commons are in (almost) North Scottsdale, both have amazing outdoor shopping as well with mostly high end stores.  Scottsdale Quarter has a great splash pad for kids in the summer!

Guide to living in Scottsdale

The Weather

The Scottsdale weather is AMAZING 8 months of the year.  It’s October right now and it’s 85 degrees outside.  I’ve lived here most of my life, so the weather is totally normal to me. However, when I have clients from anywhere else, usually cold states like Illinois or Michigan or South Dakota, they brag about how lucky we are here in Scottsdale.  The bad part about the weather is the summer, it’s super HOT!  You will need to find fun indoor activities or outdoor water fun: pools, splash pads, misters, etc.

North Scottsdale Outdoor Sports

Guide to living in Scottsdale


South Scottsdale And Central Scottsdale Outdoor Sports

Guide to Living in Scottsdale

Spring Training Is The Best Time Of Year

Says me!  I love spring training (I played softball in college and who doesn’t like a beer & hot dog while enjoying beautiful weather?)!  There are two Scottsdale spring training facilities, the Giant’s field is in Old Town Scottsdale, I love this little stadium, it’s small, cozy and sells out often.  The other stadium is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks & the Colorado Rockies, it is just north of Indian Bend and Pima Road.  It’s a beautifully new and large stadium that is fun too.

Master Planned Scottsdale Neighborhoods

It started with McCormick Ranch in Central Scottsdale, this is one of my favorite areas of Scottsdale.  Since McCormick Ranch is an older master planned community, the homes have some differences.  However, the newer communities, Gainey Ranch, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Grayhawk, etc, all look the same.  You could likely drive right by your house if it were dark.  If master planned communities are not your dream, Old Town Scottsdale and South Scottsdale have plenty of older homes, many are remodeled.  Here’s the guide of what to expect in an older Scottsdale home.

Tempe AZ

Tempe is of course a suburb of Phoenix, just south of Scottsdale, as well and home to Arizona State University.  How you say Tempe is very much indicative of where you grew up.  Local Phoneicans say Tem-pee.  Don’t call it Tem- pe, local Phoenicians should correct you, if they don’t they are just being nice.


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Charlie Allred is a Phoenix area real estate broker, designated broker for Secure Real Estate and an online marketing expert.  She works primarily in the east valley of Phoenix, which includes Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley Ahwatukee, Chandler & Gilbert.  She helps her home seller’s homes be found everywhere online.  She leads the Killer Online Mastermind for real estate agents, which teaches agents how to improve their online presence.  She is also a Pinterest expert teaching other real agents how to gain more leads, followers & clients by using Pinterest.  She is the mother of twin daughters.  If you are thinking of moving to the Scottsdale area, contact Charlie today at  or 480-220-9979 to learn more about the Phoenix real estate market.

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