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Best Scottsdale Takeout & Delivery Scottsdale

Why not pick up food from a great Scottsdale takeout restaurant? I swear, whenever we need to pick up takeout food or get some dinner delivered it’s sometimes a struggle to remember our favorites!! 

Here’s my list of the best Scottsdale Takeout & Delivery Scottsdale:) 

  1. Pasta Brioni – This was our go to Scottsdale Takeout.  The best part, they also deliver (Scottsdale delivery)!! This literally saved our life when our twins were born, we probably got delivery 3 times a week.   Their Italian food is one of the best in Scottsdale and guess what they deliver!! What could be wrong with that?  I love the meatball sub or the Italian Grinder.  However, if you are wanting a healthier option, the salmon salad is outstanding!! Wow, I’m getting hungry!! I forgot to mention, if you want to pickup, the cafe is right next to the restaurant and is easy to grab and go! Best Scottsdale Takeout
  2. D’lish – Is the best Scottsdale drive-thru!! Yes, you heard me, you can sit in your car order and get your food & coffee!!  They offer breakfast & lunch only with pretty healthy options!  They are not the fastest of drive thru’s, but they deliver a quality product.  My favorites are the AZ Burro with egg whites, avocado, turkey and other goodness.  The chicken pesto panini is great too!! Although I haven’t gotten anything that I didn’t like.  Their coffee is locally roasted and their green tea makes me happy too! Best Scottsdale Takeout
  3. Buzzberry – I like this Scottsdale drive-thru for their dinner options.  They have breakfast & lunch with coffee & smoothies too (my daughters like the smoothies, but never finish them).  But, I love their dinner options.  They offer one entree a night, we can get 2 entrees and fee our family of four.  However, our daughters are bird eaters, so if you have big appetites, don’t quote me.  It seems that we always pick up on Sundays which is meatloaf day, it comes with mashed potatoes and green beans.  YUMM.Scottsdale Drive-thru
  4. Bandera – This is an off the wall idea, but you can order from Bandera and they have a “drive-thru” line on the side of the building.  They will bring your dinner out to your car and you pay the waiter directly. The best part… you don’t have to get out of your car!! My favorites here are the macho salad (rotisserie chicken, goat cheese, dates, corn & corn bread made croutons, the cornbread skillet is outstanding, the deviled eggs are to die for and my husband loves the meatloaf!! You can also order a whole rotisserie chicken which is amazing!! It’s a fancier takeout option, but why not take the food home and drink your own wine? Scottsdale Takeout
  5. Grimaldi’s – Great for delicious pizza & salads.  Again, you don’t have to get out of your car (especially in the summer).  You can call in your order and then pull around to the back door, they come out with your pizza and you pay.  So easy!Best Scottsdale Restaurants

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